Finding short-term, flexible childcare for siblings of a child who is being cared for in hospital, is often a very difficult task for families in this situation. It’s not always easy (or pleasant) to try and entertain and occupy children during hospital stays, or even doctors appointments.

It’s also not unusual for families to be situated away from home during their child’s hospital stay, so their usual childcare options are not available to them. Family and friends are still interstate and children may even have to be taken out of school.

Most childcare providers in Australia, only offer long-term, structured care, which can require signing up to long waiting lists. This care is only available on certain days, at certain times, and certainly cannot be called upon at the last minute.

A Queensland based company, Caresquare, have come up with an innovative way, to allow for flexible, reliable, last minute childcare to be readily available. They connect families needing short-term (less than 4 hours at a time), childminding services with verified stay at home mums.

All carers, and environments, are put through a screening process, and numerous checks, including police checks, first aid and working with children, to ensure they are the best people to look after your child/ren.

At present, this service is only based in certain areas of Queensland Australia, however Caresquare are looking at extending into other capital cities, and intend on having many carers located around the hospitals, to provide a high quality, convenient, caring environment from a loving mum.

Think you know someone who might like to be involved? Or perhaps you yourself are interested in caring for children on a short term basis. Take a look at the Caresquare website to learn more. The more people who become involved, the further this service can reach, and help families in need.


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