Cocooned® Kids

Some families who have used out Cocooned® clothing have very kindly shared their experiences and images with us, and even more kindly, have allowed us to share them with you!


Aria Cocooned Medical Clothing Feb 2018

No risk of line infections from disconnecting, threading clothes and reconnecting. No itchy tags, easy snaps, and soft… practical and natural material. We love it!

– Aria’s Mum


Medical Clothing, kids surgery, kids in hospital, clothing for sick kids
Mason Cocooned medical clothing

He hasn’t taken it off in 2 days it’s just perfect. All the doctors and nurses are so impressed xx

– Mason’s Mum


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Cocooned accessible clothing, post surgery baby, baby post surgery, hospital clothing, paediatric surgery

Thanks so much for such a beautifully designed and original product. Keep up the amazing work you do!  It’s so beautiful. In terms of quality and fit, your suit is far superior and durable!

– Flynn’s Mum


Medical clothing for children, hospital gown alternative, kids clothing post op
Cocooned® clothing for children that have undergone surgery or are receiving medical care

Made dressing her in ED after cannulas, pumps and oxygen tubes were attached easy and didn’t have to undress her again for X-ray. When she is due for her next open heart surgery we will be stocking up on more of these. It has proved to be an amazing shirt. Such an awesome product. 

– Eva’s Mum


medical clothing, clothing for sick kids, clothing for kids in hospital, children's hospital clothing
Clothing for children in hospital, medical clothing, accessible clothing

She was able to have her chest X-ray, abdominal ultrasound and echo, and go to theatre in [her Cocooned® outfit.] We don’t need to wake her to check her LP or surgical site which has been a godsend since she has been in so much pain and not resting well.  Thank you again

– Evelyn’s Mum

If you would like to share your pictures and experiences of your Cocooned® kid, we’d love to hear from you!