If you’re looking for something special for a little one in hospital this Easter, look no further than the Cocooned Easter gift guide for kids in hospital. Our gift guide includes lots of little (chocolate free) gift ideas from the youngest to the oldest kids, and even the mums and dads.

Of course we are very excited that our Cocooned® range of clothing can now be included in this gift guide as the perfect gift at Easter (or any time!) All our orders come gift wrapped, and if you would like, we can pop in a gift card with your message and won’t include an invoice if sending directly to the recipient.


For families caring for a little baby in hospital, you could choose one of our adaptive baby rompers. The super soft organic cotton romper will also help make mum and dad’s life just a little bit easier. You can package the romper together with a sweet Mister Fly Bun Bun Comforter or hanging Fabelab baby rattle from Wiggles Piggles. Books, such as Peter Rabbit ~ Easter Surprise also make wonderful Easter gifts and keepsakes for babies.



Some great Easter gift ideas for this age range include the gorgeous wooden stacking puzzle rabbit. A super fun pop up book, such as Easter Croc, is sure to delight and provide lots of fun and entertainment. You could even think outside (or inside) the box! With a cute little We Might Be Tiny bunny shaped container, great for storing snacks or treasures and they come in a range of colours.

The Cocooned® adaptive T-Shirt would also make a great Easter gift for a toddler in hospital.


Children aged 3 – 5

Keeping busy is very important for kids of this age. A set of colourful, large grip Funny Little Things Easter Crayons are sure to be a hit. Couple them with a fun colouring or sticker book. You could also choose some play dough, such as the delightful hot cross bun scented dough from happy hands happy heart.

Don’t forget the little wuppy worry puppy. Little wuppy is a fantastic product that we’ve posted about previously on our blog. Linda now has a range of different packs and little wuppy products available, which would make great Easter gifts for kids in hospital.


Children 5 – 7

This little Olli Ella Piki Basket is a neat little gift for kids of this age, perfect for keeping little toys and other items together in the hospital, or perhaps for egg hunting if the opportunity arises. Smaller Easter shaped crayons for more dextrous fingers are lots of fun. We also spotted this fingerprint activity book which is great for kids who like to make, however are confined to a hospital room. Just be sure to have a wet cloth handy!

Older Children

For older kids, if they have access to a tablet or phone, send them on an adventure and perhaps give them a break from screen time with an audio book. Another idea for the older kids is an iTunes gift card which would let them to download some of their favourite music or perhaps a favourite game or program to watch. A little journal for writing notes in is a lovely gift idea too, along with a nice set of pencils for sketching or writing.


Mum & Dad

Don’t forget the parents and carers who would certainly appreciate a little something to brighten their Easter. All of the above suggestions for older children, are also great for parents. They may also appreciate a keep cup and some nice tea (along with a strainer if you choose loose leaf such as the Easter Bun Tea from Gewurzhaus). Mindfulness colouring books or pages along with a set of pencils may provide a welcome distraction. You can always download our free mindfulness colouring pages with thanks to My Mindful Year.


So there you have our little Easter gift guide for kids in hospital. We hope it gives you a few ideas, if you have any other suggestions, we’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

If you are looking for gifts that aren’t Easter themed, don’t forget to check out our two part bumper gift guide for kids in hospital, that was put together for us by Tash at Gift Grapevine back in September of 2016. We also have our list of 21 helpful items for parents and carers of a child in hospital.

All links and recommendations in the post are unsponsored. Age range is intended as a guide only, all items need to be considered in terms of age appropriateness, and we encourage you to check with the parents or carers first, if you’re unsure whether an item will be suitable.

We hope your Easter is wrapped in love xx










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