Jana from Word Finders Club has recently released the Happiful Journal. A gorgeous print-at-home daily gratitude journal for kids that we think is just perfect for hospital stays.

Word Finders Club is the work of self-taught illustrator Jana Rushforth. Inspired by nature, animals and adventures! Word Finders Club creates paper goods, pillow pals, pins, prints and now, the Happiful Journal.

This 98-page ebook is a place for your child to connect with their emotions, cultivate gratitude and mindfulness and nurture their curious mind.

You can customise your child’s journal with skin tone, hair colour and hair length and even add on extra sibling covers.

In addition, there are 20+ fun activity pages for your child to do. Did we mention, it’s absolutely perfect for hospital stays?!

Think it can’t get any better than that? Well, it does! Jana is donating 10% of all sales of the Happiful Journal to Kids Helpline!

If you’d like to try it out, you can get your hands on a free printable daily sheet from the website (and it’s pretty darn cute!)

On the free downloads page, you’ll also find some wonderful affirmation wallpapers for your phone while you’re trying to navigate this difficult time.

You can purchase and immediately download the journal from the Word Finders Club website and while you’re there, be sure to check out all the other gorgeous things that Jana creates too! www.wordfinders.club

What happens after I order a journal. Covers the step by step processes of purchasing and downloading the happiful journal from word finders club.

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Disclaimer: We have received no renumeration for this post of any kind. We simply think this is a wonderful product for children spending time in hospital. All images are (C) Word Finders Club.


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