Over on our Instagram TV channel, we have started putting up some short videos with great ideas for busting boredom in hospital.

We’ve got ideas for young children, older children, teens and parents and there are more to come!

Currently you can view videos on:

Japanese Braiding – you can also find our free download for this activity here

Coming soon we have videos on:

Games (lots of different games)
Activity Books
Painting (yes we’ve got some great ideas for no-mess painting!)
Play dough


Kids activities, hospital activities, hospital gifts


We’ve been helped out by some people who really know there stuff when it comes to keeping kids entertained and busting boredom!

Many thanks to:

Alice from Jack and Lu’s and author of the fantastic book Real Kids, Real Play
Amy from Playful Little Learners
Tess from Funny Little Things Crayons

We will add to this post as we add more videos.

If you have some great boredom busting ideas or would like to work with us, we’d love hear from you! Head on over to the contact page or pop a comment below and let us know.


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