The healing qualities of music are not a new discovery, however its use in children’s hospitals across Australia, identifies the crucial role it continues to play across both treatment and rehabilitation. Doctor Catherine Crock, founder of the Hush Foundation, recognised this more than a decade ago.

The Hush Foundation is an Australian charity transforming the culture of healthcare through the Arts. Hush produces albums of specially composed music to create a sense of calm and thereby reduce the stress and anxiety felt by children in hospitals, their families, and the staff.

During our stays in hospital with our daughter, we would often have a Hush recording playing. We found the music to be wonderfully soothing and even transportive in its powers, in helping to ‘remove’ us from the hospital environment. It also helped immensely to reduce the ever present stress and anxiety.

Hush partners with many of Australia’s foremost musicians and composers, to produce a music collection, which helps evoke a sense of calm and optimism. They recently merged with The Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care, allowing them to diversify the ways in which they work to engage their audience.

Their latest album is Hush 16: A Piece of Quiet it is a bespoke collection of human thought as seen through the eyes of children. Performed by ARIA award winning artists Lior and The Idea of North, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed composer, Elena Kats-Chernin.

Hush Foundation - The Healing Qualities of Music for children in hospital ~ Cocooned wrapped in love
Hush Volume 16; a piece of quiet – available now


With lyrical inspiration taken from children both in hospital and at home, the development of Hush 16: A Piece of Quiet has proved the perfect forum for unfiltered and therapeutic expression. Tackling an array of ‘big life’ questions, the children’s responses filled with humour and unexpected wisdom have helped deliver an album to delight both children and adults alike.

I purchased my copy of this album via iTunes and it is wonderful! It’s funny, quirky, calming and thought provoking. Our kids love it and so do we, ‘when do grown ups ever get to play with Lego?!’

Hush founder and physician at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Dr. Catherine Crock AM is delighted with the end result of the album, and has seen the profound effect the production of this album has had on both herself and the artists.

Dr Catherine Crock Hush Foundation - The Healing Qualities of Music for children in hospital ~ Cocooned wrapped in love
Hush Founder Dr Catherine Crock

“Working with such a committed and creative team has provided the perfect incubator for this type of album to be produced. Research continues to show the calming effect that music can have on patients and their families in a hospital setting. We are excited to have taken that next step by including them in the production of the music too.”

The worldwide launch of Hush 16: A Piece of Quiet will take place at The City Recital Hall in Sydney on November 15, 2016. The Melbourne launch event is scheduled for the following week on November 24th, 2016 at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Tickets are on sale now and are available from the recital venues or via their respective websites.

You can purchase your own copies of the Hush albums from their website. If you are currently at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, you can listen to Hush recordings via the media system in the patient rooms, they are even available to listen to in PICU.

Photography by Katherine Jamison



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