Practicing mindfulness while you are caring for a child in hospital can be wonderfully rewarding. It can help you to relax, take stock, feel refreshed and help you to cope with what is a very difficult situation.

So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is basically any technique which allows you to focus wholly on a single task. A simple act, which allows you to clear and quieten your mind. Giving you time out, time where you aren’t feeling stressed, upset or worried about all the ‘what ifs’. Even if you are able to get 5 minutes of time like this a day, the benefits to your outlook and your mental health, are amazing.

How can you practice mindfulness? There are any number of ways;

You can eat mindfully, simply by focussing on what you are eating. What does it smell like? Taste like? Is it hot or cold, crunchy or smooth in texture?

Breathing exercises are wonderful way to practice mindfulness, and we will include some of these from the amazing Yoga Mamas in an upcoming blog post.


Mindfulness Colouring Pages, Practicing mindfulness in hospital ~ Cocooned wrapped in love


Another great way to practice mindfulness, is those mindful colouring books you’ve seen. These books are all the rage at the moment, this is because they allow you to focus on the task at hand. What colours will you use? How do they complement the patterns? How do your colour choices make you feel? You need to concentrate to places certain colours where you want them. You can download our free mindfulness colouring pages to get you started.

Take a walk and look around you. Notice the sounds and smells, the light, the temperature. Is there a breeze? Does it have an effect of the environment around you? Is it raining? Watch rain drops trickle down a leaf and into a puddle or down the window from inside.

You can also take a look at our Pinterest page, for links to free mindfulness colouring pages, and other techniques you can practice while in a hospital environment.


Have you practiced any mindfulness techniques? What would you include?



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