When a child is in hospital, anxiety tends to abound. It is an anxious time not only for the child, but also for their siblings, parents and the rest of the family. Children can’t always comprehend why they are there and what is happening to them. They are often very fearful, as well as experiencing pain or discomfort. 

Linda from Little Wuppy, has developed a unique and very cute little friend to help at times such as this. I asked Linda to share more about herself, her journey, and how The Little Wuppy can help to reduce anxiety when a child is in hospital. Linda has also very kindly offered an exclusive discount on her packs to Cocooned subscribers, read on to find out more. 


little wuppy®

Linda and her little wuppy, reducing anxiety in children in hospitalHello, hello!

My name is Linda. I am a 34 year old former primary school teacher and artist.
I live in Melbourne with my wonderful husband, Rob.
I am completely obsessed with all things sausage dogs!!
And I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.
In 2010, I resigned from primary school teaching due to my severe panic attacks and anxiety, and was almost housebound for a year. The following year, I decided to start my own online business, specialising in hand-crafted and personalised artwork for kids. During the next five years, I networked and chatted with many parents, and it was two particular conversations I had with parents that resonated with me enormously. These parents had children who suffered anxiety on a daily basis – little people who weren’t just worrying about little things, but were carrying around huge worries that impacted their lives in a negative way.
I decided I wanted to do something to help these children. I closed my art business and focussed my energy on my new business, little wuppy®.
little wuppy, reducing anxiety in children in hospitalCombining my experience as a former primary school teacher, my own personal challenges with anxiety, my love of drawing and my obsession with sausage dogs, I designed the little wuppy® – a sausage dog worry puppy designed as an aid to help ease children’s worries, and help comfort them in times of need.

The special feature of the little wuppy® is its heart. Children are encouraged to send their worries to the little wuppy® by placing its heart against their own.

The little wuppy® also has a soft minky backing which children can stroke or rub when they feel anxious, or when they need something to help them feel relaxed and focussed.The little wuppy® is particularly useful for children in hospital. It is small enough to pop under a pillow to help children sleep at night; it can be carried inside a pocket or small bag to appointments to help children feel calm and comforted; it can be held in children’s hands during injections or check-ups, it can be popped into a drawer for quick and easy access; and worries can be sent its way before surgery or procedures. Children can also chat to it, or just hold it, when they feel worried or scared, when they feel pain or illness, or if they miss someone/something and just need some extra comfort.

little wuppy, reducing anxiety in children in hospital

Siblings of children who are in hospital may also find the little wuppy® comforting. They can hold it and talk it if they are worried about their siblings, or if they miss their siblings. They may choose a design that remind s them of their sibling so it feels like their brother or sister is with them, always.

A number of children at the Ronald McDonald House in Parkville, and also children associated with the Starlight foundation in NSW, have benefited from a little wuppy® – whether they were the child in hospital, or were a sibling of a child in hospital.

The little wuppy® is made using cotton fabric (onto which the design is printing using non-toxic ink), soft minky backing, and is filled using hypoallergenic recycled PET fill. The little wuppy® also proudly holds a Made in Australia licence and is made in Melbourne. For more information about Linda and the little wuppy®, please visit the website or follow little wuppy® on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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