The Design

Full Opening Sleeves/Outfit

Children can be changed without disconnecting lines and monitoring equipment.

Multi Purpose

Designed in collaboration with Paediatric medical staff and parents who have cared for a child in hospital.


Australian Owned

and designed

Front Patch

Keeps the child fully covered whilst allowing for lines to be attached from either side.

These little outfits, do some pretty big things;

  • They provide comfort and warmth to the child post surgery, during treatment and recovery.
  • Give parents and caregivers a sense of normality and control in being able to have physical contact in holding, bonding with, and dressing their child.
  • They help minimise distress to the child, when checks, scans and procedures need to be carried out.
  • Reduce pressure on medical staff. No need to call and wait for staff to be available and take up their time as lines and monitoring equipment can remain connected when removing clothing.

When can they be used?

  • In hospital post surgery or during treatment.

  • At pre-admission clinic days prior to surgery (when numerous tests and checks need to be carried out over the course of the day and the child is constantly being dressed and undressed).

  • At check ups as an outpatient. ECHO’s, X-rays, MRI’s and doctors appointments for example.

  • When medical equipment and lines need to remain attached outside of the hospital.

  • Anytime!

Worldwide Patent Pending: AU2016900914