Hello and welcome to Cocooned®

Cocooned® came about after our experiences with our daughter, Sophie, being hospitalised for numerous surgeries, procedures and treatments.

After what we have been through as a family, we have since believed that no one should have to face additional difficulties when trying to care for their sick child in hospital. If we could make the experiences of other families slightly easier, we would.

One way for us to do this, has been to design specialised clothing for children who have undergone surgery or are undergoing treatment in hospital. The clothing allows children to be dressed properly, without the aid of medical staff, and in something comfortable that appears as everyday clothing.

We are currently ensuring the design does everything it needs to, and working on getting it into production as soon as we possibly can.

So why are we launching our website when the clothing isn’t available yet? Well the second way we want to help, is by offering tips, advice, ideas and information to support families, and friends of families who are caring for a child in hospital. This is not medical advice, but everyday advice, including sharing stories from other families who have been through it too, you are not alone.

Why Cocooned? We chose this name for our clothing and our company, because at the time when Sophie was in hospital, all we wanted to do was pull our family close, hide, and hold on tight while the storm raged outside. We wanted to feel safe, protected, cocooned.

Thank you for joining us here. If you would like to share your story, or have any tips or advice to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

You can read more of Our Story here


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